Botox is the trade name by which Botulinum Toxin A is widely known. It is a proven and safe treatment, which has been in use for over 16 years. It works by paralysing the small muscles for a period lasting a few months. If the muscles can not move, wrinkles are prevented, as they are a direct results of contracting forehead, eye and mouth muscles.

Botox can be injected into specific muscles and depending on how thick or strong the muscles are, a specific dosage of botox will be required. It is most effective for dynamic wrinkles (wrinkles on movement). Botox is less effective on static wrinkles (wrinkles at rest).

Botox can be used on the following areas easily:

- Forehead Lines Botox - Glabellar Lines (Frown) Botox - Crow’s Feet (side of the eyes) Botox - Infra-orbital lines (below the eyes – subject to skin condition) - Peri-oral lip lines (lipstick bleed lines – sometimes combined with dermal fillers)


Wrinkles on the forehead most commonly appear in two ways: As vertical lines just above the nose, often referred to as “the elevens”; or horizontal rows across the forehead. The “elevens”, or glabellar lines, result from squinting, scowling, worrying or just plain thinking.The horizontal lines may result from normal animation while talking, or from holding the brows up with the primary muscle of the forehead (the frontalis) during times of stress, or just naturally. These lines are primarily the result of continual muscle contraction and can become very deep over time.


This revolutionary anti-ageing treatment, commonly known as Botox (Botulinum Toxin), but approved for cosmetic use under the brand name AZZALURE, and is the most popular treatment in the world, prescribed by doctors to eliminate wrinkles in the upper third of the face. This includes forehead lines, frown lines between the eyebrows and crows’ feet around the eyes. Very fine needles are used so there is no scarring and you can resume your usual activities immediately after treatment.


Botox works within a few days but can take as long as 14-21 days for the full paralysing effects to show through. Botox anti-wrinkle injections are not permanent, so we recommend repeat treatments at 3-6 monthly intervals to maintain the effects.Thousands of these treatments are performed every year, with astonishing results – noticeable from 2-14 days afterwards and lasting several months. To complement the lasting results of the treatment, we recommend the use of SPF30 sun protection cream, available at all pharmacists.Over time, with regular botox use, the muscles will get thinner and weaken, which means they are less able to create the wrinkles in the first place. You may notice that the botox works more effectively and lasts longer with each subsequent treatment.


The pain associated with injections is mild and no local anaesthetic is required. The needles used are very fine and approximately the same diameter as a coarse human hair. You will be able to drive and engage in all of your usual daily activities immediately after your injections. You may develop slight bruising at the injection sites, but otherwise there will be no visible signs of your skincare treatment. In RARE cases, the botox can migrate to nearby muscles, causing some weakness, such as drooping of the upper eyelid. This is a temporary side effect, lasting for a few weeks at most. Botox injections may on occasions be prescribed for the management of excess sweating; in a small number of cases, there is no discernible effect; unfortunately this is impossible to predict before treatment commences.


At AMAZING AESTHETICS we use the TYOSYAL Pen in preference over a manual syringe as it is less painful.

Dermal skin fillers are known by various brand names (e.g. TEOSYAL)  depending on the manufacturer. There are a few leading brands which have got the most clinical data supporting their efficacy, and they have all shown to be non-allergenic and integrate into skin easily and without causing any reactions. They consist of synthesised non-animal hyaluronic acid. This is a natural component in skin collagen (the part of the skin that gives it bounce).So over time, usually 6-12 months, the filler material is slowly absorbed back into the skin tissue. Dermal skin fillers are used in the nasolabial area (laughter lines) and to reduce the appearance of moderate to severe facial lines (wrinkles or creases). Fillers are most often used in the lips to give them a fuller and plumper appearance. They can also be injected into the skin at various depths to fill out fine and moderate skin creases.

Lip fillers are also known by various brand names, Lip plumping can be done using permanent or non-permanent fillers. The difference between the lip fillers and the skin fillers is the number of cross-linked molecules per ml. In lip fillers, the number of molecules is 2-3 times higher allowing a more fluid look, which prevents lumps and uneven lines

Lip enhancement usually lasts for a slightly shorter time period than skin fillers, anything between 5-9 months. In some people it does last longer but this is difficult to predict. The results will be immediate though and you will leave our clinic with fuller plumper lips.


Skin peels, of various strengths. work bydissolving the outermost layer of skin and reducing the depth of the troughs within theskin that cause wrinkles. They can smooth out even deep pits with a course of applications, appropriately spaced out.Skinpeels for acne are also quite popular and the peel works to remove the outer epidermis and also removes the oil-filled pore.


Age, stress, hormonal imbalance (post-birth, menopause...) as well as sun, tobacco and an unhealthy lifestyle are all factors involved in skin aging. With time, lines develop, complexion turns dull, the skin texture becomes uneven and wrinkles appear. All these changes create dark areas on the face and the skin gradually loses its glow and becomes dry, thin and fragile.

Young skin Aged skin

Loss of hyaluronic acid and excessive oxidative stress are the main reasons of skin aging:

Hyaluronic acid is an essential skin component. It acts like a sponge that retains water and keeps the skin moisturized, plumped and healthy.

As far as oxidative stress is concerned, the balance between detoxifying molecules (antioxidants) and toxic elements (oxidants) can be disturbed by many external factors. The excess of oxidants attacks the skin decreasing its elasticity and tonicity. it is now possible to restore this balance by adequately nourishing the skin from within.